So you want to become a Coffee Expert? 

                                       Check out these four tips and you will be well on your way!

  1. Find your new favorite coffee shop.

We’re lucky in San Diego to have an abundance of great coffee shops. We recommend finding a favorite spot for your morning routine, second office, or weekend pick me up.

Stick to a couple of your favorite local shops at first, preferably those that roast their own beans and offer different origins. This will give you consistency in your coffee, allowing you to best train your pallet.

At Moe Coffee we have very specific micro roasts and brewing techniques to get the most out of each cup. 


  1. Ask the barista what they think of their coffee selection.

Baristas spend their day both making and tasting coffee. Ask your barista about their shop’s selection of coffee beans, what they think about the taste, and what they recommend. Try one, rinse, and repeat.

We want you to love coffee as much as we do, so don’t be afraid to ask us about our coffee.


  1. New day, new coffee.

Be sure to try different regions and brew methods. Coffee beans are unique and taste differently depending on how they are brewed. There’s a lot for your pallet to learn and the more variety you try, the more you’ll be able to notice the difference!


Read our last post for some beginner tips.

  1. Buy your own beans, use your own gear!

Buy your own coffee beans and practice brewing at home! Nothing is better for becoming a coffee expert than DIY experimenting. Next time you’re at Moe Coffee, grab a bag of freshly micro roasted coffee ready for you to take home


We recommend to brew your coffee by Pour Over Method for the best taste. You will pour the water on circular and slow motion to keep things even for 30-40 seconds, until all the grinds are soaked and wet. 



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