Moe Coffee took part in this year’s San Diego Caffeine Crawl!



“The Caffeine Crawl started in Kansas City, MO, in September 2011. They are put together nationwide by beverage marketing group, The LAB. These caffeine lovers, with professional industry experience dating back to 2004, wanted to spread their passion for coffee, tea and everything else that’s part of the coffee shop experience to the public. Enlisting the help of professional baristas, roasters and coffee shop owners to educate participants, the Caffeine Crawl will spread about metropolitan areas fostering relationships with the public and quality shops.
Look for the Caffeine Crawl to spread across the U.S. with several cities on the list.”

It was wonderful to get to know our local community and share our love of coffee. We were able to introduce caffeine lovers to our Organic Micro-Roasted, 100% Fair Trade Coffee through samples of our drip and cold brew coffee options.

Our Area Manager Jess gave tips on creating smooth tasting full bodied cold brew at home using our blend of Columbia-Sumatra beans, along with a introduction to what makes Moe Coffee such a unique coffee experience.

Did you know all of the goodies you like to put in your cup of coffee such as milk or oat milk are all organic!

We have something for everyone such as matcha and hot tea, Paru Tea bar is a local tea company we work with for our wide variety of tea options.

Samples of both Split Bakehouse and Bread & Cie pastries  were also offered.

We work with both local brands to provide delicious pastries fresh every day. Our Split Bakehouse offering are so tasty you wouldn’t guess they are all Vegan!

We hope to join in on more local community events if you have a suggestion for one, send us an email to [email protected]  We hope to see you soon for a great cup of coffee!

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