At first, picking coffee can feel overwhelming. There are many different origins, flavor profiles, and brewing methods. You may not be the best San Diego coffee enthusiast, but every coffee drinker should know these six simple things to look out for. 

When tasting new coffee, here are some beginner tips for picking the best type of coffee.

1.Geographic origin

A coffee’s geographic origin is very important, not only so you sound cool saying it, but because climate and elevation have a big impact on the beans and ultimately the taste of the coffee. 

  • Central and South American – Clean and sweet. Coffee from these regions tend to have a light and balanced taste. Moe coffee located at Bankers Hill has Colombian beans, which has a unique flavor. You will love when you try it!
  • Africa – Fruity and complex. Flavors can range from spicy to chocolatey, and from wine-like to citrus-like.
  • Asia – Earthy and rich. Makes for a dark and smooth coffee with flowery undertones. Have you ever tried Sumatra coffee in any of the local Little Italy or Bankers Hill coffee shops? We know, it’s hard to find. Moe coffee shop has it, and the flavor is indescribably delicious!

Depending on what type of flavors you like, experiment with different single origin coffees to get an idea of how each tastes.

2.Single origin and blends

Single origin gives you an idea of what coffee tastes like from a specific location. Many coffee shops blend beans from different locations to create unique balanced flavor profiles. 

We recommend trying single origin at first and expanding to blends to test your coffee palette!

3.Roast type and brewing

All coffee beans can be roasted differently to achieve a unique taste to any one type of coffee bean.

  • Light roast: Low body and low acidity.
  • Medium roast: Medium acidity and increased body.
  • Dark roast: Flavor may decrease while body increases. Contrary to popular belief, dark roasts are not stronger than light roasts, but do tend to have a more consistent taste.

The way coffee is roasted is also specific to how it’s going to be brewed for the final product. How you want to brew your coffee is a main factor in the final taste and Moe coffee understands it perfectly.

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When picking coffee beans, ideally you’ll want to pick a roast that best suits how you like your coffee brewed:

4.Filter roasts. If you prefer pour over or French Press Moe Coffee, you like strong traditional and flavorful coffee.

5.Espresso roasts. Rich, aromatic and velvety all at once. 

6.Micro roasting. Moe coffee beans are all micro roasted. We have found that micro roasting produces a richness of flavor and quality that cannot be matched by commercial roasters. All our beans are roasted in small batches to the exact and unique specifications for each single origin bean. It infuses the better taste and higher quality! Stop by our Mission Hills location and have a taste for yourself!

If you have an espresso machine at home and want to experiment with these types of coffees, we recommend trying Moe micro roasted coffee. Stop by the shop and pick up a bag, ready for you to take home and enjoy.

Have any questions or want a fresh batch of coffee beans?

                                Visit our Moe Coffee Shop in Bankers Hill.                             We’re open all week from 6 am to 6 pm, and close later on Friday and Saturday at 7 pm to get that final coffee buzz at the best San Diego coffee shop!                         

                       Questions? Call us at (619) 510-4972



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  1. Really informative read! I feel it is also important to consider how you are going to have your coffee. For black coffee, low acid beans are great. For lattes, coffee beans with sparkling acidity provide a great taste.

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