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Our philosophy is to serve only the highest quality coffee that is freshly roasted, absolutely delicious, and will leave you feeling great. All of our coffee is Certified Organic and purchased above the Fair Trade price. Our coffee is unique and ethically sourced. For us, coffee brings people from all walks of life together to embrace the love of the product. We value the hours of hard work that go into coffee production, from the farmer growing the beans to the barista making your drink.

There are so many wonderful types of coffee beans grown from all over the world it took time to find just the right blend for us. Our Moe Coffee blend is a combination of Sumatra, which is known for being bold and earthy, and Colombian, which is known for being light & fruity and with mild citrus acidity. Put them together and you get a smooth rounded sweetness that is low in acidity with little to no bitterness.

All our beans are micro-roasted. We have found that micro roasting produces a richness of flavor and quality that cannot be matched by commercial roasters. All our beans are roasted in small batches to the exact and unique specifications for each single-origin bean. After the beans are roasted, cold air is pulled through the drum to cool the coffee beans. We roast our beans every week, so you will always be enjoying the freshest beans in your coffee.

For all of us at Moe Coffee, we see that perfect cup of coffee as a continuous adventure. We are always in pursuit of new taste profiles and brewing methods and we take great pride in sharing our adventures with the people we love in the place we enjoy the most. Join us on our coffee adventures and allow us to be a part of yours

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